Departure film group has donated 21 Iranian films to the A&M library. These movies have English, Arabic, and Persian subtitles. Currently 25 other Iranian movies are available for check out at the Media and Reserves in Annex Library, which can be accessed through this link. The new DVDs will be added once the labeling process is over. The chart below shows the new movies, categorized based on three generations in the history of post-revolutionary cinema in Iran. Note that the selection of the movies, their subtitles, and the three categories are done under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture in Iran.

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation


The Girl in the Sneakers

The Postman Doesn’t Ring Three Times

Love Stricken

M for Mother

The Day of Satan


The Tears of the Cold

Hidden Feeling



Hidden Feeling

Captain Khorshid

Secret Club

Winter Dreams

The Banquet

The Songs of Sparrows

Silence of the Sea

The Verdict

Super Star